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•  Laser Cut Sheets
•  Laser Sets
•  Snap Sets & Padded Sets
•  Cheques & Security Documents
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•  Custom Continuous Forms
•  Carbon & Carbonless Forms
•  Reports, Books & Booklets
•  Direct Mail & Promotional Printing
•  Stationery & Envelopes
•  Labels, Tags & Tickets
•  Folding & Bindery
•  Crash Imprinting, Numbering
•  Punching, Drilling, Round Cornering
•  Die-Cutting & Scoring
•  Graphic Design and Forms Layout



All first orders are C.O.D. A completed Credit Application is required for Credit Approval. Our terms are Net 30 days; 2% discount 15 days. Interest is charged at 1.5% per month (19.56% interest per annum). Now accepting Mastercard and VISA.


We have a fully equipped Art Department and can design or layout artwork, shoot copy, produce or accept film as required.
We are also fully equipped to accept your artwork electronically, via email, disk in both MAC & PC formats as well as by film or copy.


Multi-part forms can be crimped, glued or crimped & glued or left with no fastening as per your specifications.


The following widths and depths are just guidelines, odd-sized forms can often be finished off-line. Please call us with your specifications for surety.
Form widths on web presses are available from 3" to 18"
Form depths of 2 ¾, 3 ½ , 4 1/4 , 5 ½, 7, 8 ½, 11, 14, 17 and 22" are available.


Our customers are our primary concern. Our business is Security and Your business is secure with us. We do not sell or share information about customers with anyone else and we never call on our customer's customers!


Order entry is handled by our skilled staff. Computerized order entry allows for complete tracking through the plant and repeat orders are as easy as supplying the docket number and repeat quantity. We ask that all orders be accompanied by a Purchase Order or one of our own order/quote forms. All orders may be sent to us free of charge , by attaching a preprinted Purolator waybill to the envelope supplied and calling your local Purolator for pickup. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us Toll Free and we'll be glad to help.


All orders are subject to a maximum 10% overrun or underrun. If no overrun is acceptable, please specify NO OVERS on your purchase order form.


We package all jobs with ease of transport, storage and lifting in mind. Forms are shrink wrapped or bulk packed in cartons designed especially for them. Clear labels with Your Name identify all the necessary information. You can be sure that when the job goes out it is properly packaged and it looks great too !


Our facilities are always open to you and your clients, if you feel this would be beneficial. Please call ahead and speak with Robin to arrange tour.


We require only 3/16" clear band at any position running the full width of the form for plate lockup.


Up to 8 colour printing is available


CTP, PDF & Laser Proofs are provided depending on the job. Your signature is required for approval.


All quotations are treated with the urgency they deserve. Computerized pricing allows us to respond in a timely fashion. Go to our Order/Quote webpage, Call or Fax us TOLL FREE or email us a request at [email protected] .


Limited Warehousing
Send & Receive files via Internet
Technical and forms design support
Prompt payment discounts


We charge shipping extra at the amount we are billed + a small handling charge for your benefit. No guesstimates, no extra charges just REAL costs.


We realize that customers sometimes have special requirements. We do our best to ensure that ALL requirements & conditions are met.


We manufacture our products to a higher standard than most printing firms. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we meet rigid performance requirements and high quality assurance standards. Your job is checked and rechecked for conformance throughout production. We stand behind our work and if we goof, we fix it! No hassles, no questions. We guarantee it!